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Passenger Elevators

Automatic Passenger Elevators Kamadhenu electric dumb waiters handle weight from 100 Kgs to 250 Kgs. at speeds ranging from 0.25 to 0.50 metres per second. Automatically operated Kamadhenu dumb waiters are quick and silent. Control systems of E. D. W. are selected on number of floors to be serviced and the intensity of service. Additional features like car location indicators, audio/visual signals to announce the arrival of the service car can also be incorporated.

Semi Automatic Passenger Elevators Kamadhenu Elevators range of Semi Automatic Passenger Elevators employ advanced technology in vertical transportation. They provide comfortable, elegant, quick and safe mode for up and down people movement in high rises. They are an amazing blend of state-of-the-art elevator technology and aesthetic appeal.

Manual Passenger Elevators Kamadhenu Elevators range of Manual Elevators employ simplified mechanisms and technology to offer economic vertical transportation. These elevators are cost effective and easy to maintain.