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Technical Details

Industrial Lifts, Goods Lifts, Passenger Lifts, Hospital Lifts, Electric Dumb Waiters, Elevators, Escalators, Mumbai, India

Technical Details

Kamadhenu Elevators is one of the fastest growing companies in the vertical transportation industry. Safety and reliability form a part of our core values. Our elevators are perfect blend of global expertise and Indian design sensibilities.

We have a strong 'technical team' with years of experience to provide best designs, installations and agter sales service.

Motto Our motto is to provide customers, find the dramatic solution so that they receive the highest level of expertise at the lowest possible price.

Geared Traction Machines

  • These are driven by AC electric motors.
  • Geared Machines are coupled machines with AC electric motor, electromagnetic brake, worm reduction gear & friction sheave mounted on bed plate. These components are rested on machine room bottom slab by using rubber pads for noiseless and vibrations less operations.
  • Normally installed the machine room above the life well.

Gearless Machine: The Better Technology

  • Considered as future technology in elevator industry also known as Permanent Magnet Sync
    hronous Motors (PMSM).
  • Compact size, lighter in weight, simplified construction hence easy to install and maintain.
  • Higher mechanical torque, output power per volume.Better dynamic performance than electromagnetic excited motors.
  • Gearless machines saves app. 40-60% energy than traditional traction machines, Improved Life Span, thereby, proving more economical to the end users in long term.


  • Considered as the brain of Elevator System.
  • Microprocessor Unit with latest Technology
  • Tested & Proven System Capable of handling various traffic conditions efficiently.
  • These controllers are provided with variable frequency (V3F) Drive.
  • Suitable for Manual & Automatic Door Operations.

  • Overload Indicator & Cutt Off Systems.
    This device indicates the overloaded condition and prevents the lift from operating., till load is adjusted. Now even this is mandatory for every new lift as per circular issued by Inspector of Lift, Mumbai.

VVVF Drive

Variable voltage frequency drive. (V3F Drive). Speed of AC motors can be changed by varying the power supply frequency and voltage. An invertor provides the means to perform the said operation efficiently.Inverter basically changes a constant voltage frequency into veriable voltage variable frequency power supply.

    Salient Features:
  • Smooth ride, better leveling accuracy and no starting and stopping jerks giving great travel comfort.
  • Jerk free operation improves overall efficiency and life of elevator system increases.
  • Power saving to the tune of 35 - 40 % as compared to traditional machines.
  • The starting current is low hence size and capacity of cable and main switches reduces.


ARD System

Automatic Rescue device can also be termed as a life saving device. In the event of power failure, it brings the carto the nearest landing & halts with door open.


Manual Rescuing operations in case of power failure are time consuming and prone to heightened anxiety among trapped passengers due to low tolerance coefficient. The Rescue Operation needs to be done by trained technicians otherwise it may result in serious injuries, both to the trapped passengers and the rescuer.

Salient Features:

D This system is entirely based on the Automatic Operation which gets triggered within approximate time of 10 seconds after power failure detection.

  • Inbuilt Direction selection feature results in the quick rescue operation by going to the nearest floor and stands with doors open.
  • D Compact Device with batteries placed safely inside the system.
  • All the operations are Automatic avoiding any Human intervention in rescue operation.


Door Drive & Headers

  • Low voltage & Noiseless operations with V3F Door Motor
  • Programmable opening / closing of the automatic elevator doors with respect to speed & time.

Infrared Full Length Door Sensors.

This safety system provides a light curtain of infrared beams operating between the lift car door panels. Any person or object breaking the beams will trigger the system and reopen the doors. The beam pattern will pick up even small objects between the car doors.

    Salient Features:
  • Designed for the ultimate safety with the help of 80 criss-cross beam onto the car door which offer protection, to upto, the full height as required by EN81-70:2018.
  • Detects any kind of contact / object between the closing doors & reverses operation, assuring complete safety of passengers / objects.
  • Highly Reliable & maintenance free. Easy to install.
  • Diagnostic LEDs and time out software.
  • Greatly reduces damage to the Lift door's adjustment & Movement.